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Gmail Imap RFC822.SIZE fail (zero)


I’m working on my BackUp Gmail App for OSX and I got a very strange issue.

This is the Imap transaction on Gmail server:

>> TAG02 UID FETCH 77480:77490 (UID RFC822.SIZE RFC822 X-GM-MSGID)

<< * 22136 FETCH (X-GM-MSGID 1384367682512034576 UID 77480 RFC822.SIZE 0 RFC822 {11012}
Delivered-To: *****
TAG21 OK Success

Look at the RFC822.SIZE, it’s 0 (zero)!
But it isn’t really zero because then it starts the RFC822, and it’s complete (11012 bytes).

When I create the backups I got it always at the same time, all the emails after Nov 2011 until Feb 2012 have this issue.
Maybe Gmail had problems in this period?
Anybody knows it?

Updated on 30 May 2013

I posted this issue on the Imap-protocol mailing list and today I received a reply from Jamie Nicolson (Google).
As you can read in this reply it is a temporary Gmail bug: “it affected messages during a certain timeframe in the past … We’re hoping to clean this up”.